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I'm  Joanne Vanin…..

artist, educator and wellness advocate.

Creating art has been ever-present in my life since childhood.  Pies, cookies and cakes were sculpted from mud off the back porch. Afternoons at kindergarten were spent immersed in colour before an easel.

This passion has led me to live a life where art is ever close to heart and hand. I've studied it, traveled as a result of it, and shared my love of it with the students I've had the privilege of teaching over the years. I have used it as a means to advocate for change and promote wellness. My art draws from and evolves as a result of life experiences.

Materials and approaches are inspired by techniques and images from past creations, which are recycled, altered and rearranged to express new ideas. My love for the human form is evident, appearing in collage, illustration, photography, painting and printmaking. Text is also incorporated in the creative process.

More recently I have been exploring the area of Art and Wellness and have found support for what I have often seen in the classroom; that the process of expressing oneself through art has profound healing effects.  

Blog posts will touch on what I have learned and embraced about wellness, passionate living, and sustaining creativity.  I hope that something along the way will spark an interest, encourage, help, or inspire you.

Professional Bio

Joanne Vanin holds a degree in Education from The University of Toronto, Canada with a Master of Fine Art from New York University, U.S.A. She has taught Visual Arts and Modern Languages in Canada, Asia and Europe at secondary and tertiary levels.  Joanne has designed and delivered International Baccalaureate Visual Arts Diploma courses and is presently an IB examiner.  She is a NAET practitioner and has studied nutrition.  Her visual work has been exhibited and sold in North America, Asia and Europe.