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visual journals

Disclamer: The information I share with you here is based on my own healing  and on what I have seen in my professional career. I am not an art  therapist but a facilitator of self expression through art.

Please consult the appropriate health care professional to determine the best treatment for you.

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The process of Self Expression through art has profound healing effects.   It is well known that a state of happiness and joy strengthens our immune system.

Becoming aware of negativity, processing it and transforming it can help you move into a place of peace. This clears the way for healing to begin, boosting the immune system and resulting in enhanced wellness.

Visual Journals is a course in Expressive Art that explores the use of our right brain language of imagery and inutition to focus on, process and release emotions. Awareness of these emotions and feelings helps us access our authentic self and begin positive change.

You don't need to know how to draw!

As Visual Arts teacher, I have found that a large part of students' research and studio elaborations hold a strong personal component. Challenges, identity, feelings and emotions are often explored and processed through imagery.

The same holds true in my Visual Journals workshops where I have seen the profound healing effects of the image.

Hands on workshops for individuals/groups and on line courses are available.

Possible areas of focus:

*Resolving inner conflict, a move toward non-resistance.

*Transforming negativity.

*Moving toward forgiveness.

*Overcoming fears.

*Unearthing your true self.

*Discovering your purpose.

*Enhancing intuition.

*Coping with stresses and fears that accompany an illness.  

*Using imagery to enhance a chosen treatment to overcome illness.